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Cost-effective data management and SEO services!

Ask Datatech is an experienced and competent team of data entry specialists in India that thrives on delivering excellent output with perfection and precision. We have an in-house team of data experts and other professionals, such as SEO specialists, who possess extensive experience and knowledge of the industry and have worked with a diverse array of clients.

Ask Datatech also has extensive experience and expertise in the effective retrieval of data from various media that have been impacted by hardware malfunctions, age, and physical damage.

Data Entry Services

From e-commerce data entry and Magento data entry to image conversion, our reliable data entry services include:

  • Magento Data entry
  • Insurance Claims Data entry
  • Catalog Data Entry Services
  • Online Data entry
  • Offline Data entry
  • Remote to Desktop Data entry
  • Invoice & Bill Data Entry Services
  • Handwritten Data entry
  • Numeric data entry
  • Legal data entry
  • Medical Data Entry Services
  • Restaurant Data Entry Service
  • Insurance Data Entry Service
  • Manufacturing Data Entry Service
  • Mortgage Process Outsourcing
  • Medical Billing Services
  • Document Digitization Services
  • PDF to Excel Data Entry
  • Accounting Data Entry Services
  • Business card Data Entry
Other Services

We offer several other data and SEO services, such as

Data Management

Businesses and companies have never had so much useful data and information from many different sources. If you manage it correctly, this deluge of data can be very valuable for your business. However, without adequate management, your data can become siloed, and that is where Ask Datatech can help.

We are specialists in data management, and our unmatched attention to detail coupled with our well-developed procedures have earned Ask Datatech a strong reputation for offering excellence in various data management processes.

Our experience and knowledge working with data mean that our team has the skills and expertise to help unify data so that it is organized, accessible, and accurate for use in analytics, insights, and reporting.

Leads Generation

Increase your sales revenues and beat your competition. Keeping your sales funnel full will only help if it is full of quality leads that eventually close. Ask Datatech’s strategies and plans focus on striking the right balance between lead quality and cost per lead. Our team plans and manages integrated campaigns that deliver qualified leads.

Ask Datatech will collaborate with you and develop a variety of effective and affordable lead generation campaigns to develop an ongoing pipeline of highly qualified leads.

Data Processing

Ask Datatech’s data processing service collects relevant data, such as marketing data, whether it be from the electronic or physical form, and converts it into a usable form for various downstream functions like sorting, aggregation, validation, reporting, and analysis.

We provide automated data processing services to many companies and businesses throughout the area. This enables information to be captured as well as processed from paperwork or other forms quickly and accurately.

Data Conversion

Ask Datatech offers secure and reliable data conversion services for your business.  We can easily convert your data, such as CAD drawings and images, to suit your needs. We specialize in converting data between several different kinds of media like tape, optical, and disk.

Our main focus is to understand your requirements and provide you with data conversion and other technology solutions while keeping your requirements, target audience, and target market in mind.

Form Processing

Ask Datatech handles online form processing for structured as well as the non-structured type of data to meet your needs. We have a talented and expert team to process various forms, such as medical insurance forms, market research forms, survey forms, and medical forms.

Ask Datatech has developed unique processes and procedures for streamlining online form processing. And this makes our online form processing service extremely cost-effective with excellent quality.

Web Research

We are one of the leading providers of end-to-end web research and data analytics services to the corporate, public, and not-for-profit sectors. As a web research company, we use the most modern web research tools and technologies to help you lower the time to market while engaging and satisfying customers.

Scanning and OCR

We offer Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services that convert your data in scanned documents into an editable format. This makes data consumable for timely decision-making. We us the latest OCR technology that allows multiple kinds of textual and pictorial data to be read, analyzed and organized into a secure electronic format.

Ask Datatech offers OCR scanning services and data entry and conversion services using the latest technology that enhances accuracy and saves time.

SEO Services

We offer SEO services that drive better results via our SEO strategy development, robust SEO audits, comprehensive keyword research, and optimization of local SEO channels. We also help you with holistic content marketing campaigns, mobile/page speed optimizations, and ongoing SEO consulting.

Ask Datatech has a team of SEO experts and professionals that have the proper knowledge and experience of search engine optimization and know how the principles work around the Google algorithms. Our talented team is backed by several years of experience and has a proven record of accomplishments.

Magento Data Entry Services

With a rich and diverse experience, the reliable team of Magento data entry experts at Ask Datatech can provide your store visitors with an enriching and convenient online shopping experience. If you have developed an e-commerce site using Magento and now need assistance and guidance to upload new data on it, our team is happy to help you with our convenient Magento Data Entry Services.

Our team is adept at updating and adding products to your Magento store, setting up various categories and sub-categories, and customizing product and price attributes. We can also provide product descriptions paired with enhanced and edited images.

Data Extraction Services

We offer data extraction services to companies and businesses. Having easy and quick access to business-critical information and data is crucial for making strategic and operational decisions. With Ask Datatech’s data extraction services, you will get all the required and relevant information from a variety of sources to meet your needs.

Our experts and professionals make sure that you’ve accurate, timely, and organized data at your fingertips, which will help you make well-informed and timely decisions. We extract data automatically from documentation using intelligent and secure data capture software, which speeds up processing times and increases data accuracy levels.

Photo Editing

Our team skillfully edits photos and videos that you shoot for engagements, bridals, boudoir, wedding, modeling, e-commerce products, corporate events, and family events. This gives you the time to focus on what matters the most.

Ask Datatech image retouching and editing can be easily applied to production studio photoshoots, catalog and web store products, lifestyle and location photographs, and architecture and environments.

Our image editing professionals and experts will take care of everything from straightforward color correction to more advanced photo retouching, editing, and high-profile services, such as clipping path or alpha masking.

Mortgage Data Entry Services

Are you concerned about the money and time spent on the tedious and time-consuming task of mortgage data entry work? You don’t have to as Ask Datatech is to solve this problem. We understand your needs and help you maintain well-managed and maintained mortgage data by sticking to the rigorous service standard of mortgage data entry.

Our team uses the most advanced technology and tools on the market, and our specialists have many years of experience in the mortgage industry. So, outsource your mortgage data entry services to Ask Datatech and see how the results will help you enhance and streamline your core business functionality.

Data Capture and Data Extraction

From financial transactions and invoices to questionnaires and marketing surveys, our competent team is an expert in the field of extracting and capturing data. Our secure data capture services make sure that you’ve every piece of the puzzle – from efficiently capturing all relevant business documents to reliably extracting important information from these documents, regardless of the source.

Save money, time, and improve data quality and accuracy when processing high volumes of documents with our data capture and extraction services.

Data Mining

Data mining is an important part of the knowledge discovery process and offers new ways to look at data. Ask Datatech offers data mining services to help all our clients uncover valuable analytics insights and patterns to address business problems and issues without investing in costly in-house data mining competencies.

At Ask Datatech, we provide analytics and data mining services to corporate clients and researchers representing various industries, such as financial services, automotive manufacturing, and medical device pharmaceutical R&D. Our team has experienced and qualified analysts that work in an error-free manner in order to deliver accurate and precise information.

Your Data Service Partner

We provide a wide array of data entry and related services to our clients. Our team has assisted brands and businesses with our world-class services. We always operate and execute all data entry projects, small or big, in secure and safe environments in order to ensure maximum security and confidentiality.

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