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Where To Get Quality Data Entry And Data Processing Services In Switzerland

Data processing and data entry are important aspects of every company. They provide the information required to make policies and decisions. But it needs time to process and store data in easily retrievable formats. Companies have the option of choosing to do these tasks in-house or outsourcing them. At ask Datatech we give a helping hand to companies that need data entry and data processing services. Our goal is to take these tedious activities off their shoulders to allow them to focus on the core activities of their businesses.

We offer a wide range of services that include data capture, SEO, data processing and data conversion. We also offer form processing, web research and OCR, and scanning services. Other associated services you can outsource to us include data mining, data extraction, organizing data, and data digitization. The tasks look simple but if you choose to do them in-house, they can be time-consuming and are likely to take most of your time. That is why it will save on cost and time to outsource them to companies that specialize in data processing and data entry.

We are experienced and we have many years of delivering quality data entry services to companies in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Europe, and Asia. We use state of the art devices and equipment to ensure that our services are of high standards. If you are in Zurich, Lausanne, or Lucerne, you can greatly benefit from our services. Besides, we serve businesses operating in Geneva, Bern, and Basel. We have a team of competent data entry and processing staff which will ensure that your data is processed and stored in easy-to retrieve files. Also, we are a one-stop-shop for data mining, data extraction, and SEO services.

We are equipped and use state of the art devices to ensure that your job is completed error-free. We deploy the latest technology that includes ICR and OCR services. It ensures that the final output is accurate and meets the standards. If you are in Switzerland and boggled down with data entry and data mining tasks, talk to us.

We understand how important your data is. We know the havoc it can cause to your business if it falls in the wrong hands. This is why we use our secure servers when working on client’s projects. We will provide you with secure login details where you will be able to upload all the documents including invoices and receipts. Our work will be to download them, process and convert them in files you request. Working with us will provide a way to ensure that your business goals are achieved. We have a quick turnaround and our staff will ensure that all your data entry is completed within the stipulated time.

Why you should choose us

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted data entry company, you can count on us. We have worked on millions of documents and we have the space to accommodate your project. It does not matter whether you are in the insurance industry legal or a medical practitioner. We will give you efficient data entry services and allow you to focus on the core of your business.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and committed to providing quality and accurate data entry services. We provide all these services at cost-effective prices. We give a 40% discount to help clients reduce the cost of these non-core services. Besides, our staff is technologically ready and will deal with all your data related projects until you are satisfied.

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