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The UK government promotes business, research, and education. Also, UK is home to soccer and technology. As such, there are plenty of activities that generate loads of data. Such data needs to be sorted, organized and stored in appropriate formats. But sorting it out, processing it and storing it in appropriate file formats can be a big problem. If you operate a business in London, Belfast, Bangor, and Birmingham, we will help you. Also, if you are in Manchester, Liverpool or Newcastle we got you covered.

Ask Datatech offers data extraction services, data processing, and data entry. We also offer data conversion, Web research, form processing, and OCR and scanning services. We are a one-stop-shop for web research and SEO services. It does not matter whether you are in the telecommunication sector, insurance aerospace or agro-technology. Besides, we offer data entry services to healthcare institutions, manufacturing companies, legal systems, and logistics firms.

The truth of the matter is that managing data entry in-house is time-consuming and may need a lot of resources. But when you outsource the services to us, you allow it to be handled by professionals. It helps your employees focus on the production of goods and services that increases the company’s productivity. It also allows them to specialize in what they are good at and improve the company’s overall productivity. Many companies in the UK are known to outsource functions that are not key to what they offer. Outsourcing is cost-saving and enhances efficiency.

Why Choose Us

At ask Datatech, we have served millions of companies from the US, the UK, Asia and many other parts of Europe. We offer services across vertical sectors including logistics, insurance, real estate, education, and the oil industry. Besides, we serve the transport, logistics, and real estate sectors. Our systems are efficient, reliable and ensure 99% accuracy. By partnering with us, we will help you to manage volumes of data. This is critical in enhancing employee’s productivity.

Quality assurance- Ask Datatech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified service provider. The company is committed to ensuring that there is reliability and accuracy in data processing, data conversion, and data entry services.

Reduced prices- data entry and data processing services are non-core activities in a business undertaking. They don’t generate any revenue to the business but they contribute to the overall performance of the company. So the amount of money that your business should spend on data entry related activities should not form a major part of your operating expenses.

Experienced personnel- data entry tasks are tedious and need attention to detail. Our experts have been offering data entry, data conversion and data processing services for many years. We also have access to state-of-the-art devices that increase the accuracy of our data entry tasks. Furthermore, we are technologically ready to ensure that your task is completed within the agreed timelines.
Security and confidentiality – we understand that the security of your data is critical. So we go the extra mile to ensure that all your data is secure. We will give you a secure login to our servers. It will allow you to upload documents to our servers safely. We will work on them and upload the final product on the same server. It ensures that no third parties can get access to your data.
Customized service- At ask Datatech, we provide customized services. This is essential because it allows us to tailor our products to our client’s needs. We serve companies across different verticals and ensure that they focus on the core of their businesses.

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